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This article delves into the exciting transition of the Flare Network to a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus model. We’ll explore the three phases of this process, equip you with the knowledge to verify Infrastructure Providers, and conclude with a message to the community.

Updated 30/04/2024


The Flare Network stands out for its commitment to steady evolution. Unlike many projects in the crypto market, Flare’s creators focus on continuous improvement without relying on excessive hype. While short-term spikes can be driven by hype, they often lead to corrections, leaving some market participants worse off.

In my view, prioritizing genuine progress over hype is a far more sustainable approach. Projects should be measured by delivering on their promises, not by their ability to generate temporary excitement. This is why Flare’s strategy of “building in silence” and announcing achievements upon completion is a positive sign of a serious and honest team.

Over the past few months, we’ve witnessed the Flare team’s methodical approach to change implementation. New features are first rigorously tested on the Coston network, followed by real-world testing on the Canary network (Songbird). This cautious approach was evident with the recent rollout of the State Connector protocols. Just a few months ago, the Flare team showcased how these protocols will enable seamless cross-chain transactions.


Flare Network’s Smooth Transition to Proof-of-Stake

The Flare Network’s transition to Proof-of-Stake (PoS) exemplifies its meticulous approach. The process was meticulously tested on the Coston network by a select group of Flare Time Series Oracles (FTSOs). However, the actual implementation will occur solely on the “production-ready” Flare Network, while the Songbird network continues to operate in its current form.

The transition to PoS began in July this year. In the initial phase, 33 independent FTSO data providers were chosen to implement the protocol. Currently, the total validator count is 96.

Adopting a Proven Architecture

Leveraging its roots as a direct fork of Avalanche, the Flare Network adopts its three-chain architecture for the PoS transition:

  • C-Chain: This chain hosts the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and is the primary point of interaction for most users.
  • P-Chain: This dedicated chain facilitates staking of FLR tokens.
  • X-Chain: Designed for fast and simple transactions, this chain is not yet active.

The PoS transition unfolds in three phases. Each phase involves onboarding additional independent validators (selected from FTSO providers) responsible for verifying transactions and safeguarding the network.

Validators rely on the Avalanche Snowman++ consensus algorithm to agree on the network’s state. In each round, a validator is randomly chosen as the leader, proposing new blocks for addition. The remaining validators then validate these blocks. To prevent Sybil attacks (where one entity controls multiple nodes), the chance of becoming a leader is proportional to a validator’s stake, effectively achieving a Proof-of-Stake system.

The three phases of the transition to Proof of Stake.

To participate in any of the three staking phases on the Flare Network, validators must be verified and function as Flare Time Series Oracles (FTSOs). These FTSOs combine the tasks of transaction validation and providing decentralized data to the network. They are also referred to as Infrastructure Providers.

This combined role helps minimize the presence of malicious actors on the network. However, there’s a potential risk. If you stake your tokens with a validator who gets banned or “chilled” (temporarily suspended) during the staking period, you might lose potential rewards.

Therefore, it’s crucial to research validators before staking your FLR tokens. Don’t solely rely on promised returns. Another key difference between staking and delegating to FTSOs is that staking involves temporarily locking your tokens for the chosen staking period, meaning you lose control over them during that time.

Before staking your FLR tokens, it’s crucial to verify the reputation and trustworthiness of potential validators (also known as Infrastructure Providers). Here are some helpful resources:

  • Flare Dashboard: This independent resource provides a database of information about Infrastructure Providers. (
  • Flare Builders — Projects Building on Songbird & Flare Networks: This list curates Infrastructure Providers involved in building on the Flare ecosystem. (
  • Discover the Flare Network — Flarepedia: This comprehensive resource offers valuable information about the Flare Network, including details on validators. (

By utilizing these resources, you can make informed decisions when choosing validators for staking your FLR tokens.

A few words to community

Exciting News! FOCUSTSO Joins Flare Network’s Proof-of-Stake

We’re thrilled to announce that FOCUS TSO has qualified for the second phase of the Flare Network’s Proof-of-Stake (PoS) implementation! This means you have even more options for participating in the network’s growth.

What This Means for You

Previously, you could only delegate tokens to Flare Time Series Oracles (FTSOs). Now, with FOCUS TSO on board as an Infrastructure Provider, you’ll also be able to stake your FLR tokens directly with our validator node.

This wouldn’t be possible without our incredible community! Each of you played a vital role, piece by piece, in assembling this puzzle. Your unwavering support fuels our dedication to continuous development. We’re committed to pushing even further, not only for the network’s tools but also for our vibrant community.

The journey ahead presents exciting challenges. We’ll continue refining the existing infrastructure, optimizing FTSO algorithms and in the future building our own solution on Flare Network. This truly embodies the spirit of #ConnectEverything!

As you can see, the Flare Network is a hive of activity, brimming with development opportunities for all, especially those who’ve been with us since the beginning.

Thank you once again for your unwavering support. We’re on a long and exciting road together, one that leads us to interoperability and beyond!

Focus TSO team

Flare Dashboard
Flare Builders — Projects Building on Songbird & Flare Networks
Discover the Flare Network — Flarepedia
FocusTSO (

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