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Our journey with crypto and blockchain as a FOCUS Project began in mid-2021. Long talks about the market and crypto on the community Discord channel led to the creation of the FCX token on the XRP Ledger network. In its original concept, the FCX token was intended to be used as a Community Token. However, due to the bull run on the XRPL trustlines during late autumn 2021, it gained new traction and greater recognition among the international community. This prompted the team of original founders to take up the challenge and begin developing the project further.

Twitter “X” address @focusonflare

Over the first few months of the project, we provided the community with educational content, the opportunity to vote on blockchain , and the chance to play games where the FCX token was an integral part, often used as an incentive.

Focus’s mission has always been to engage with the community through education. For the past few years, we’ve been doing this on two networks: XRP Ledger and Flare Network. Recently, we’ve shifted our focus entirely to researching, building, and educating the community on the technical aspects and basic functionalities of the Flare Network. Our goal has always been to create something unique, so we’ve decided to completely migrate from the XRP Ledger and dedicate all our efforts to the Flare Network. We believe this move will unlock endless possibilities and allow us to realize our vision. The Flare Network’s advanced features, including the integration of the Ethereum Virtual Machine with established smart contract standards, truly decentralized oracles (FTSO), and upcoming trustless cross-chain functionality, make it the ideal platform to achieve this. By concentrating our resources on this single, superior network, we aim to propel our project to the next level.

About Focus Project

The Focus team is an Infrastructure Provider on the Flare Network, known under the FocusTSO brand. As an IP, we play a dual role: an FTSO Data Provider and a network Validator. We run our FTSO and Validator on the Songbird Network (Flare’s Canary Network). These roles are crucial for the entire system’s sustainability, as they support the whole ecosystem. At the same time, we provide educational content for the community, explaining and guiding them through the complex technical aspects of network architecture through our Twitter accounts, Medium blogs, and YouTube channel.

Infrastructure Provider (FTSO & Validation)

You can delegate your $WFLR or $WSGB to our FTSP Data provider and earn rewards.

You can also stake your $FLR with one from two of our Validators.

focusTSO Validator 1 address: D3QKd6XxLnrKowkziZJSG4RNLtffz8ESk
focusTSO Validator 2 address: G5kkF5H1AGaY3n9h9PCXdiFqjyP1jYhJW

You can delegate and stake using bifrost or solidifi wallet for good user experience.

FocusTSO Flare contract address: 0xb084575CaCedf7DEdd78329656715651F8f66712
FocusTSO Songbird contract address: 0x8bb53ac4239834d518aa26502c318ea093e9763d

The people behind Focus project are:

$FOCUS Tokenomy

We have also released a token, $FOCUS. This token was airdropped to the community and those who staked with our @FocusTSO validators during a certain period. There was no pre-sale or pre-allocation of tokens. The team members themselves do not hold any founder allocation. We also implemented an anti-whale policy during the distribution to ensure the long-term stability and robustness of the ecosystem.

$FOCUS token serves as a utility token in the ecosystem, providing benefits to holders and encouraging community engagement. It empowers community to enhance its value and delivers tangible rewards, fostering collaborative development. Tokenomics of $FOCUS

To add $FOCUS token to your wallet you should use this details and contract address:

Network: Flare
Name: Focus
Symbol: FOCUS
Decimal: 18


FOCUS NFT Passes allow users to receive a share of our fees earned from validation on the #FlareNetwork. The total supply is only 600 NFT Passes, divided into 4 rarities with a different number of passes in each category. The NFT Pass grants the user the right to claim a delegation reward paid directly to their holding wallet thanks to the EVM smart contracts. Each rarity will have a different pool ratio for the rewards. (Reward rate will depend on the number of staked NFTs for each rarity.)

Benefits of the Focus Pass:

  • Rarity Shares: Pass ownership provides prize pool shares with rewards including $FLR and $FOCUS tokens.
  • Royalties Contribution: 50% of monthly #NFT sales royalties fund the pool, benefiting 600 NFT holders.
  • $FOCUS Rewards: Stake your $FLR with FocusTSO1 and FocusTSO2 VALIDATORS for $FOCUS rewards. Pass holders enjoy a higher multiplier.
  • Exclusive Club Benefits: Join the Focus Club to access special events.
  • Community Contributions: Holding the Focus Pass unlocks bonuses in future products.

Four different NFT passes with different rarity

To get one of these passes, you’ll need to participate in one of three sales rounds taking place this Thursday, April 18th, 2024, at 15:00 UTC. The rounds will start one after another. During each round, all rarities will be available at the same price. The buyer will reveal which rarity they receive during the minting process.

Round 1:

  • Starts at 15:00 UTC and lasts for 1 hour.
  • Offers a limited number of 30 Passes for whitelisted wallets only. To find out how to get whitelisted, follow our socials.
  • Any unsold passes will be moved to Round 3.

Round 2:

  • Begins immediately after Round 1 ends (at 16:00 UTC).
  • Lasts for 2 hours.
  • Offers 60 Passes available on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Any unsold passes will be moved to Round 3.

Round 3:

  • Starts at 18:00 UTC and continues until all passes are sold out.
  • This is an open sale offering 510 Passes (plus any unsold passes from Rounds 1 and 2).

The Minting Rounds will take place here:



We started our journey with Flare Network well before its official launch. All of the FOCUS founders participated in the XRPL snapshot for Flare Token distribution. During the time between the snapshot and distribution, we educated ourselves about the Flare Network protocols and researched its potential. Soon after the network launch, we began building a community in Poland to share what we learned about the network. They returned the favor and helped us during the whitelisting process of our FTSO by providing us with the necessary voting power to achieve that. Today, we have a large group of Flare Network enthusiasts in our homeland who are starting to spread the word about this technology on their own blogs and social media. Seeing the potential of the Flare Network, we wanted to make it the base layer for our development. We’ve been here since the start and have no plans to go anywhere else, as the network provides us with the tools to grow together. We believe the Flare Network is the place to be and that it’s worth putting our time and effort into building and growing together. Thanks to the fantastic support from the global community, we believe we can achieve much more than we have so far. The NFT passes are just the beginning and are a vehicle to put our ideas into action. Let’s grow together!

Focus Team



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