Delegation to FocusTSO Data Provider

Data Providers act as off-chain systems, providing data to the Flare Time Series Oracle (FTSO) protocol. This decentralized protocol, along with the data delivery process, is not controlled by a single entity, but by a group of independent Data Providers, who collect data from various sources, such as decentralized or centralized exchanges. Data Providers play a vital role in the development of a decentralized network, as smart contracts alone cannot communicate with the off-chain world. Currently, Data Providers on the Flare network are responsible for delivering reliable and accurate price data for supported tokens. In the future, they will also be responsible for providing data for any real-world asset that gets tokenized, as well as various types of data such as weather forecasts or football match results.

Flare network

FocusTSO on Flare Network

You can delegate your $WFLR to FocusTSO using Bifrost Wallet or Flare Portal.
FocusTSO Flare contract address: 0xb084575CaCedf7DEdd78329656715651F8f66712

Songbird network

FocusTSO on Songbird Network

You can delegate your $WSGB to FocusTSO using Flare Portal.
FocusTSO Songbird contract address: 0x8bb53ac4239834d518aa26502c318ea093e9763d