Who we are

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The Focus team is an Infrastructure Provider on the Flare Network, known under the FocusTSO brand. As an IP, we fulfill a dual role: Data Provider for the FTSO and network Validator. We operate both our FTSO and Validator on Songbird Network (Flare's Canary Network). These roles are crucial for the entire system's sustainability, supporting the whole ecosystem. In addition, we provide educational content for the community, explaining and guiding them through the complex technical aspects of network architecture through our Twitter accounts, Medium blogs, and YouTube channel.


Our history

Our journey with crypto and blockchain as a FOCUS Project began in mid-2021. Long talks about the market and crypto on the community Discord channel led to the creation of the FCX token on the XRP Ledger network. In its original concept, the FCX token was intended to be used as a Community Token. However, due to the bull run on the XRPL trustlines during late autumn 2021, it gained new traction and greater recognition among the international community. This prompted the team of original founders to take up the challenge and begin developing the project further.


In the project's initial months, we provided the community with educational content, blockchain voting opportunities, and FCX token-based games. Focus's mission has always been to engage with the community through education. Over the past few years, we've focused on educating communities on two blockchains: XRP Ledger and Flare Network. Recently, we've shifted our focus entirely to researching, building, and educating the community on the technical aspects and basic functionalities of the Flare Network. Our goal has always been to create something unique, so we've decided to completely migrate from the XRP Ledger and dedicate all our efforts to the Flare Network. We believe this move unlocks endless possibilities, bringing us closer to achieving our vision. The Flare Network's advanced features, including integration of the Ethereum Virtual Machine with established smart contract standards, truly decentralized oracles (FTSO), and upcoming trustless cross-chain functionality, make it the ideal platform to achieve this. By concentrating our resources on this single, superior network, we aim to propel our project to the next level.

Team members

A results driven team

All three FOCUS core team members have extensive experience in the crypto space and various areas, such as IT project management, business development, community building, and UX/UI design.

Radek Zaleski

Co-Founder Focus Global & FocusTSO

Mateusz Skrzypiec

Co-Founder Focus Global & FocusTSO

Andrzej Mackowiak

Co-Founder Focus Global & FocusTSO